Easy Implementation

Leonardo is easy to deploy in your environment – AWS or Azure or on-premise depending on your preferences. You can also choose to leverage our cloud instance for test automation!

Leonardo makes continuous testing a reality

Accelerate stable deployments for every user story – automated regression suite to enable continuous testing in the CI server Minimize defects - test more and unearth more defects early in the development cycle!

Implementing Salesforce?

Leonardo brings easy automation and intuitive test development capability into the hands of business users. Deep expertise in Salesforce application and Salesforce clouds – Leonardo has been implemented at various customer sites for its unique automation capabilities


Integrates with application lifecycle management tool of your choice Customizable to work with CI servers of your choice (Jenkins, Pipeline and others) Leonardo team will turn around any customization in quick time based on your specific needs

Measure of Success

Improved quality of every release through strategically defined metrics extracted from the reports, all industry best practices measurements:

  • Defect density

  • Defect leakage

  • Test stability index

  • Requirement traceability

  • Accelerated test execution – multiple iterations for regression suite for every code push to CI server

Design Defect Free User Stories

Automate early and automate enough to provide optimal coverage to functional requirements, for every story in the backlog.

Fix automation as development team continues to deliver codebase. Enhance automation suite with every feature tested before deployment!

Detailed and Intuitive Test Execution Reports

Leonardo delivers test execution reports with specific screenshots and criteria analysis.

Customize your reports – easy and flexible to design reports for specific needs.

Experience the power of Automation!