Intuitive Salesforce Testing Expertise

Is salesforce your application of choice?

Then Leonardo should be your choice for test automation!

  • Supports all features of Salesforce

  • Enhanced and comprehensive coverage across all clouds and features

  • Classic or Lightning, Leonardo efficiently works with both

  • Quick starter kit – Salesforce standard process test library

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Predict defects, prevent occurrence of defects with Leonardo’s AI enabled modelling of regression suite for automation, sprint after sprint!

The automation feature allows for technical teams to create their own automation leveraging Selenium.

AI enabled “Defect Prediction Modelling”

Leonardo AI makes for compelling regression testing – it predicts defects, ensuring boring deployments!

AI-enabled intelligent feature that identifies probability of defects emanating from the application, provides directional guidance to the Sprint team ahead of the release.

Machine learning coupled with dependency matrices enable teams to test effectively and trace vulnerabilities across the board!

Codeless Automation

Leonardo allows business users to define their scenarios and then the engine takes over to record the tests, define logic and other coding elements happen in the backend. The business analyst/QA does not need any coding skills to be able to use it.


One of the pain areas of test maintenance deals with expired locators which cause the test to break anytime. The primary reason for that is unexpected alterations in the UI by developer over the time. To solve the issue, Leonardo enables self-healing through machine learning algorithms, and bring AI elements into play.

Manual Test Case Recording

Writing & editing manual test scripts inside the tool. This makes test assets available at one source, eliminating need for other repositories.

The feature is simple, allows every user to create test scripts and save them in respective folders.

End to End Testing

With Leonardo, you can test all your processes end to end. And for combining tests from other applications, integrated with Salesforce, it is easy to automate them using Leonardo to sew an end-to-end coverage for business processes!

All the processes can be automated for an end-to-end coverage!

Test Authoring

Author your tests within Leonardo, with the test authoring tool.


Leonardo enables cloud-based execution to run tests across browsers, devices, and operating systems.

Easy Maintencne

≥85% effort reduction with Leonardo’s self-healing properties.


Core tests of Salesforce application are designed as reusable and can be called into any test for use.


Is salesforce your application of choice?

Then Leonardo should be your choice for test automation!

  • Helps with testing deep and wide

  • Ensures test data can be integrated in any format with minimal fuss

  • Enhances usability, enables ease of use & provides visibility to process owners on scenarios

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Reports & Dashboard

Leonardo dashboard and reports provide insightful details to users and executives based on specific needs. Information from every test run is vital and Leonardo ensures accurate details are delivered, with evidence, to enable decision-making!

  • PDF and HTML format of reports with screenshots, to help analyze quicker and more accurately

  • Testing reports are generated with links and code-level details, enabling technical staff to debug quickly

  • Leonardo integrates with prominent CI engines, fully DevOps ready

  • Reports can be customized based on user and customer discretion and need

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